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MIL-DTL-38999 series III military standard connector
    D38999/          20          W           B          35           P           N
Basic series              
Type of connector          
      20 = Square flange receptacle          
      24 = Jam nut receptacle          
      26 = Shielding plug          
      W = Olive green cadmium plating        
      F = Electroless nickel plating        
      K = Stainless steel passivated        
Shell size      
      09 (A), 11 (B), 13 (C), 15 (D), 17 (E), 19 (F), 21 (G), 23 (H), 25 (J)      
Contact layout (See below)    
Type of contact  
      P = Crimp pin  
      S = Crimp socket  
      PH = Solder pin  
      SH = Solder socket  
      PL = Long PCB pin  
      PC = Short PCB pin  
      SL = Long PCB socket  
      SC = Short PCB socket  
      N = Normal
      A, B, C, D

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MIL-DTL-38999 series III military standard connector
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